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At Aydın Textile, the men's jackets, trousers, coats, jackets and vests product groups  manufactured. Has a production capacity of 135,000 suits a year with 250 employees.  Engineering approach based on production efficiency on the one hand, on the other, enriched with experience as a coordinated approach to the methods applied in planting techniques are applied.
At Model mold department, Assist system, supported by CAD - CAM technology is used. Department employees, formed in molds according to customer requirements, perform both the desired pattern. Then, the audience is ready for creating markers prepared molds.
CAD_CAM so that there is need for manual processing is supported by the cutting department, spreading and cutting done automatically. 800-1000 per day cuts the department has the capacity to cut piece suit. Quality and efficiency in the sector on the one hand we see as a starting point while constantly try to improve the efficiency of cutting, leading edge technology on the other hand, the quality is guaranteed.
The best planting methods, and technical team to implement the expert sewing staff, with the latest technology to meet customer needs with machinery conducts sample. Monthly average of 250 different models are produced in the sample.
Production flow line system is applied in the form of sewing section, automation of production process takes place is dominated by advanced technology. Our expert staff, superior quality without compromising its principle, has the flexibility to respond to high model variability.

Press department, producing quality suits are put into the last point, in 2011, renovated with all brands of the world's most used and accepted in the upper segment of the produce has become the standard.

Aydin Textile’s  the biggest competitive advantage, could produce the level of quality. Quality approach is always to go beyond customer expectations at every stage of production Giyim Aydin principle of this principle is observed reflections. Search process begins with the control fabric with checks and final checks are underway.

Warehouse with a storage capacity of 5000 suits, made ​​of input and output operations are computer controlled. Temperature and humidity values in a repository is checked and provided ideal conditions to product will not harm

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