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        Aydin Textile began production in 1993, with 2 machines and an iron, in 1995, reached a capacity of 25 employees, 25 machines, and reached 50 employees and 25 machines in 1997,. By 2000 have accelerated the momentum of the growth and until today reached a preferred producer in the sector with area of 5000 m2 with 250 employees. The point where today, from a tiny investment in textile, primarily suits the product group, the founders, they have to die to produce expert knowledge and determination to succeed, of course, played an important role endless. Every day, in an effort to find better support from both Turkey and the world famous experts and studied the establishment of a system enriched with different experiences. Today, Turkey's most respected brands, which is the preferred manufacturer Aydin Textile , quality, speed, flexibility and service constantly endeavoring to develop and strengthen this position.

COMPANY NAME: Aydin Textile
PRODUCTION OF: Suits, vests, jackets, overcoats manufacturing

Ege Caddesi Fatih Mah. 22/A Sarnıç / GAZİEMİR / İZMİR | Tel: 00 90 232 281 6915-16 Fax: 00 90 232 281 6908 info@aydingiyim.com.tr